Para FPGA introduction

Parallel Computing with FPGAs

ParaFPGA focuses on parallel techniques for using FPGAs as accelerator in high performance computing areas such as supercomputing, embedded systems and big data computing.

Of special interest are design methods, heterogeneous architectures and algorithms optimized for execution on FPGAs. Design methods include optimizing the resource utilization, development time and high-level synthesis tools. Heterogeneous architectures aim at multi-FPGAs, FPGAs with CPU cores and systems combining FPGAs, GPUs and CPUs. Novel algorithms optimized for FPGAs target areas such as streaming applications or fast dynamic reconfiguration, featuring a substantial performance increase.

New and original contributions are invited on parallel computing with FPGAs in all areas of design methodology, performance analysis, architectures, algorithms and applications. Details about submitting a paper are available on the Call for Papers page.


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